Bonnet Floor Pads


Impact® Microfiber Bonnet Pad - 19"

Designed for durable, deep cleaning of carpet. The microfiber grabs the dirt and traps it in the fibers. The bonnets are very absorbent. Carpets dry more quickly. Can be laundered.

Manufacturers Item #BKL19

Tuway™ Speed-Sorb™ High Profile Bonnet - 17"

Applications: Drying. Looped cotton/synthetic yarn. Features include reduce carpet drying, reversible, works w/any carpet style.

Manufacturers Item #HP-17

Tuway™ Speed-Trek® Carpet Scrubbing Bonnet - 19"

Available in 8" to 21" Sizes. A reversible medium profile carpet scrubbing bonnet. Turan® yarn is scientifically designed for maximum absorbency and durability. Green scrubber strips on both sides. All looped construction for improved soil trapping action.