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Misty® Lemon Oil Polish

This lemon oil polish is an excellent rejuvenator for fine wood furniture. It has been widely used by professionals in piano and furniture repair and refinishing shops, as well as by personnel entrusted with the maintenance of church, office and institutional furniture. This product cleans by removing soil, old wax build up, dust and debris which can stain, darken and dull the surface of wood and stainless steel.

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Misty® Vandalism Mark Remover - 16 oz. Net Wt.

An excellent mark remover for removing spray paints, scuff marks, marker inks, pencil, carbon paper ink, ballpoint pen inks, stencil ink, crayons, lipstick. Net Wt. 16 oz., Can Size 20.

Manufacturers Item #A00178

Misty® Gelled Graffiti Remover - 16 oz. Net Wt.

An excellent mark remover for removing most spray paints, crayons, ink, lipstick, decals and road tar from road signs, walls, buses, bridges and sidewalks. Net Wt. 16 oz., Can Size 20.

Manufacturers Item #A00179

Spartan Premium Wood Polish

A ready to use liquid, silicone based formula designed to produce a quick shine without an oily residue. 12/20 oz. cans; Net 16 oz.

Manufacturers Item #6110

Misty® Gum Remover II - 6 oz. Net Wt.

This gum removing product should be used on tables, chairs, floors & other nonporous surfaces to remove chewing gum. Net Wt. 6 oz., Can Size 12 oz.

Manufacturers Item #A00183

Athea Facility Wipe

All-surface cleaning wipes are specially formulated with a quat-based formula to clean and deodorize any surface, anywhere. Designed for use with a center-pull dispenser. Biodegradable cellulose fabric. 800 count pack.

Manufacturers Item #1574

Spartan Shine Plus® RTU Handi Spray® - Qt.

Multi surface protectant. Unique silicone blend reconditions, shines and protects vinyl, plastic, wood, leather, rubber and formica. pH 5.0. 12/32 oz. per case, with flip top closures. 3 trigger sprayers.

Manufacturers Item #3025

Spartan Superior High Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

An oil-based formula, specifically for use on stainless steel, chrome, and other non-porous washable surfaces. Pleasant lemon scent. 20 oz. (Net wt. 15 oz.) aerosol cans.

Manufacturers Item #6290

Spartan Citro Shield Furniture Polish

Cleans and polishes all types of wood, wood paneling, marble formica, stainless steel, vinyl upholstery and appliances. Contains lemon oil. pH 8.0 - 9.0. 20 oz. cans; Net 18 oz.

Manufacturers Item #6120

Spartan Graffiti Remover SAC - Qt.

A ready to use BioRenewables product based on a biobased solvent, which is naturally derived from agricultural ingredients. A safer solvent alternative to petroleum based solvents. Packaged in PET RTU Resin bottles. 12 per case with 3 solvent resistant trigger sprayers.

Manufacturers Item #3171