Impact® Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are a great choice for dusting and cleaning. The split fibers create a positive charge that grabs onto dust and dirt without damaging surfaces. Microfiber is safe for dry dusting hardwoods and for dusting and cleaning without chemicals or oils. From a tightly woven smooth cloth to a looser, heavier texture, there is a selection of cloths to fit your dusting and cleaning needs. Excellent cleaning for any surface including counter tops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood. Excellent for washroom cleaning. For general purpose cleaning.

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Impact® Microfiber High Duster - 28" x 3"

A multi use tool designed to clean hard to reach areas such as overhead pipes, ledges, ceiling fans, and behind furniture. A stainless steel sword embedded in foam can be bent in any shape. A snap connection allows quick transfer to an adjustable handle to permit high dusting. Adjustable nut at handle for different angle cleaning. For high dusting it will fit #LFS100 and CH246 microfiber handles.

Impact® MicroScrub™ Microfiber Duster - 33" to 45"

Has extendable Twist-and-Lock™ handle. Head is 100% microfiber. Split strands grab and hold dirt much better than traditional dusters. Safe to use on delicate items, will not scratch. Green/White; Hand washable.

Manufacturers Item #3148

Impact® MicroScrub® Value Dusting Cloth - Blue

High quality woven microfiber cloth. Works best when damp and without chemicals. Ideal for mirrors, countertops, walls and floors. Will not scratch or streak, can be used on most surfaces. Washable.

Manufacturers Item #3137
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