Hoses & Nozzles


Hydro-Force™ HP Hose Assembly

Manufacturers Item #NA0828

Hydro-Force™ Faucet To Hose Adapter

Simple small adapter that will fit 90% of existing indoor faucets so a garden hose will connect. A must when you cannot locate outside water. A must if outside water had been turned off.

Manufacturers Item #AX22

Hydro-Force™ Universal Faucet Adapter Kit

Includes quick connect for garden hose. Accessory combinations guarantee a connection to almost any faucet. An absolute must for truck mount owners!

Manufacturers Item #AX21

Hydro-Force Safe Connect Teal Plastic Covered 1/4" Female QC

Get a grip on this indestructible connector cover that includes the female quick connect. Great addition to the wand and machine ends of the hose. Prevents burned hands, chipping and scratching floors. Protects brass fittings.

Manufacturers Item #AS56