Dust Mops


Marino® Doodle Bug Flat "Sticky" Frame Only

Made of durable plastic with universal locking device allows the use of any standard handle. 3 3/4" x 9" and features 360 degree swivel action.

Manufacturers Item #135327

Impact® MicroScrub™ Microfiber Duster - 16"

Economical hand duster. Head is 100% microfiber. Split strands grab and hold dirt much better than traditional dusters. Hand washable. Safe to use on delicate items, will not scratch. Green/White.

Manufacturers Item #3147

Tuway™ Wedge Mop™ Dust Mop Head - Cotton

4-ply launderable cotton yarn. 100% polyester backing. Available in Cotton and Synthetic.

Manufacturers Item #1010C

Tuway™ Dustmaster™ 5" Launderable Dust Mop - 18"

3" & 5" Widths in 12" to 72" Lengths. Proprietary design features shorter yarn in center for more efficient dust/soil pick-up. 100% polyester backing. 4-ply cotton yarn comes ready to use.

Tuway™ Dustroyer "Classic" - 24" L, 5" Width, Natural

Designed for economical use, this cotton/synthetic blend mop combines good pick-up with the convenience of a disposable. Features wrap-around tie straps that hold the mop more securely to frame and won't pull out like ordinary ties. Applications: Damp applications, heavy soil, manufacturing areas, construction clean up. Pre-treated (Dust Loc Treatment). Tough non-woven typar backing.