Carpet Pre Sprays


Bridgepoint™ Avenge PRO™ Carpet Spotter - 12 oz.

Synergistic balanced blend of builders, surfactancy and solvency. Synergistic blend allows product to work on a multitude of stains. One product, for 95% of the stains. Movement of stain into foam rather than adjacent fibers. Compatible with All Solv Extreme™ and most other solvents that may be used on the stain. Use greatly aids the free rinsing remaining solvents and stain from fibers. Will work alone on a wide variety of difficult stains, including protein stains like egg, blood, grass stains, and tougher stains.

Bridgepoint™ Flex Powder w/Citrus Solv Carpet Prespray

A heavy duty carpet prespray. Best results are obtained when mixed with hot water. Starts to work on contact and dissolves grease and oils in minutes. Ideal choice for any restorative cleaning job. Makes over 50 gallons of ready to use prespray.

Manufacturers Item #CC21A

Bridgepoint™ Bio Break - 6.5 lb. Jar

A complete preconditioning formula for carpets and upholstery. Grease and oils dissolve in minutes while protein soils are digested and readied for complete extraction. It is excellent in restaurants and on problem soils found in homes and apartments. Contains the delimonene boost of Citrus Solv to cut through greasy soils and provides the always pleasant Citrus fragrance. Also contains grease cutting alkaline builders, non-ionic surfactant and an encapsulated protease enzyme that go to work now on the toughest soils. Contains 6 ingredients that are considered “green” for the environment and is safer for the user. It is non toxic, contains no butyls, or harsh solvents or corrosive alkaline builders. Dilution: 1-2 oz/gal. RTU: pH 9.5 - 10.5.

Bridgepoint™ Zone Perfect Low VOC - Gal.

Compliant with the VOC limits of states which have regulations, without compromising the amazing cleaning ability of regular Zone Perfect! Ultra-concentrated prespray. Dilution: 4 oz/gal. RTU pH: 9.5.

Manufacturers Item #CC04GL

Bridgepoint™ Flex Heavy Duty Liquid Prespray - Gal.

Dissolves soils and oils so fast that on some carpets, you can actually watch it working. Dilution: 16 oz/gal. RTU: pH 12.5.

Bridgepoint™ Hydro Break Traffic Lane Cleaner - Gal.

Great all-purpose prespray for residential and commercial carpets and for oriental rugs. Also well formulated for bonnet cleaning. Great penetration and soil suspension. Easy rinsing and low residue. Dilution: 2 cups/gal. RTU: pH 9.5.

Bridgepoint™ Power Break - 40 lb. Jar

Heavy duty powdered prespray for apartments and restaurant work. If you do a lot of restoration work, Power Break is your prespray. It is one of our most economical formulas and uses enzymes to work on a wide range of soils and stains.

Bridgepoint™ Traffic Slam - Gal.

Originally formulated as a traffic lane prespray for olefin. Traffic Slam also does incredibly well at encapsulating filter soil and cleaning fire-damaged carpets. It is fast and keeps working as long as moisture is present. Free rinsing, non-toxic. Dilution: 4 oz/gal. RTU: pH: 11.

Bridgepoint™ Green Balance Carpet Prespray - Gal.

A mildly alkaline traffic lane cleaner that uses advanced surfactant technology instead of solvents to rapidly dissolve tough oil-based soils. Safe for wool and all synthetic carpets. Environmentally friendly. Dilution at 1:32. RTU pH 8.0.

Manufacturers Item #CC11GL