Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


MDB Average Duty Polypropylene Sweeps

Straight polypropylene will not mat or tangle while sweeping a variety of debris. Not harmed by water, chemicals, grease, and is extremely long wearing. For medium sweeping on average surfaces. 3 1/4" trim.

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MDB Gray Flagged PVC Floor Sweeps

A popular brush which has replaced horsehair for most smooth surface sweeping. Full body and split tip of each bristle cleans dust and dirt from polished floors to smooth concrete. 3" bristle trim.

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MDB Stiff Center Fine Border Sweeps

Available in various sizes. Stiff center moves stubborn debris; fine border sweeps dust and dirt. The excellent qualities of polypropylene in an "all purpose" sweeping tool. 3" bristle trim.

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