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Bridgepoint™ Boost All Powdered Cleaning Additive - 2 lb.

Boost All has alkaline builders and color-safe oxygen bleach to add to your carpet and upholstery solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten the finished look. Helps brighten dingy traffic lanes, remove water marks, correct browning, and it is great on fringes of oriental rugs. Dilution: 1/4 - 2 oz./gal. RTU pH 10.

Bridgepoint™ Buff-All pH Buffering Agent - 2 lb. Jar

If you need the bleaching and brightening action of Boost All but the high pH may be harmful, add Buff-All to the solution. Use to clean oriental fringes without worry of browning. Safe to add to most alkaline cleaners. Dilution: 2 oz./gal.; RTU pH 4.

Manufacturers Item #CR18A

Bridgepoint™ Maxim™ Fine Fabric Protector - Gal.

Solvent-based fluorochemical protector. The protector for fine upholstery fabrics. Keeps spills and stains from damaging fine upholstery. Works safely on the finest fabrics. Spills bead up so they can be easily and safely wiped away.

Manufacturers Item #CP03GL