Misc. Dusters


Impact® 23" Poly Wool Duster

Non-allergenic. Attracts dust like a magnet. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Washable. White handle w/mixed color head.

Manufacturers Item #3110

Impact® Extended Twist-and-Lock Lambswool Duster

100% lambswool. Ideal for cleaning ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas. Will not streak or scratch, washable. Attracts dust like a magnet. White handle w/mixed color head. Extends 33"- 60".

Manufacturers Item #3106

Lambskin Dust Wand Extension Dusters

The easiest way to reach high places. The Flex models will bend over backwards to get over and around the most difficult to reach surfaces. A gentle static charge, a web of tiny fibers, and soft natural oils combine to create the perfect dust control 'system'. 12" dusting pom.

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Lambskin Synthetic Duster - Extends to 54"

Multi colored dusters manufactured from polypropylene fibers; effective for dusting all surfaces, high and low. 13.5" pom. Extends to 54" with flexible head.

Manufacturers Item #S54EPPD

ProTeam® ProDuster Sleeve

Disposable anti-static ProDuster™ sleeves attract and hold dust instead of spreading it around. Quickly & easily dusts over cluttered desks, blinds, etc. Contains no oils or waxes, won't streak or leave residue.

Manufacturers Item #101533

Tuway™ Rabbit Ear™ Tool

The Rabbit Ear split duster can be bent to conform to any shape, allowing dusting where other tools can't reach.

Manufacturers Item #727