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Leasing Program

Thank you for showing interest in our Leasing Program.


We are happy to introduce our new Leasing Program with Marlin Leasing Co.

Our Account Executive:
Carole Hendry
Marlin Leasing Corp.
Phone: (888)479-9111 X4222
Fax: (888)479-1100

Marlin Leasing Corp. offers four standard lease plans. In addition to these plans, Marlin also offers specialized programs such as seasonal, deferred, and zero down. Customized programs are available too- just call us at our office or call your Sales Representative for assistance.


* Fair Market Value (True leasse).

For those worried about obsolescence, this plan offers the most options both during and at the end of the lease term. This plan is particularly beneficial to those wanting a small security deposit and a relatively low monthly payment. At the end of the lease term, the lessee has three options: exten the term of the lease, return the equipment, or buy it at its fair market value. Marlin also offers financing for those wishing to buy the the equipment at the end of the lease term. A True lease allows the most cost to be deferred to the end of the lease when a decision to retain or upgrade the equipment can be made.

*$1.00 Buyout

For those who are fairly certain they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term, this is the recommended plan. Once the lease term expires, the equipment is simply purchased for $1.00.

* 10% Security Deposit

Because this program offers the lowest monthly payment, it is especially attractive to those who can afford to pay a 10% security deposit of the lease amount. End -of -lease option still applies. The deposit can be applied as the buyout at the end of the lease, the lease can be extended, or the equipment can be returned and the deposit is then refunded.

* 10% Purchase Option

This plan offers the customer a fixed purchase option at the end of the lease term. Upon final payment, the customer can continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment, or buy it at 10% of the original equipment cost.


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